Hackers suck

Recently all my hosting was shut off without warning, the host has since apologized and helped me out with tracking down the issues. WordPress is notoriously a target for hackers, due to people not always staying up to date *cough*. Cleaning up after the fact is quite a burden. I started finding some rogue files,… Continue reading Hackers suck

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Intel Edison Project

I attend GlueCon this year, and in our swag bag we were given an Intel Edison chip and mini breakout board. I have been thinking about what I wanted to do with this thing. Sadly with the mini-breakout board you can’t even do the simple blinking led test. However, you could set up a web… Continue reading Intel Edison Project

Project Electrilope – Day 3

The Clean Republic Hill Topper kit arrived, the packing of the parts was not great. However nothing appears to be damaged. Install was pretty simple, the right side of the front fork was a little stubborn but it went into place. I ordered some quick releases and used those for the install. Since the plan… Continue reading Project Electrilope – Day 3

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Project Electrilope – Day 2

Headed over to Jim’s to install the new shifter/brake combos and cables. We had some delays to a crazy hail storm. However, we were able to accomplish our goal…get it done, drink some beers and catch up. Nothing amazing to report, we had a few hiccups but shifting was super smooth. A few test rides… Continue reading Project Electrilope – Day 2

Project Electrilope – Day 1

I ordered a new shifter/brake combo kit as the original factory one was busted. Well the shifter pods were broken. I essentially had a single speed. The item I got was the Shimano ST-EF65-7R4 (7 speed rear, 4 finger lever for the brakes). It was about $43 on Amazon. Worlds slowest shipping from the seller.… Continue reading Project Electrilope – Day 1