Getting Closer…

I’ve been working away with what little free time I have to finish updating and adding new things to the site. You’ll notice the ABOUT ME section has been updated. I also added some blocks for my FAVORITE DVDS and a dynamic block showing what MP3 I am currently listening to, or not listening to.

Work was kind of long today, but something made me laugh. A few weeks ago I watched an episode of CHiPs in the middle of the night. In this episode Ponch and John had pulled over to help out a stranded young couple. They then found these two were runaways. Their VW Bus had a thrown rod and all their belongings were inside. What really did it for me was whent he young girl said:

“…but my entire record collection is in there!!!”

Ponch basically said you’re screwed, and she replied:

“What about all my Elton John albums!!!”

For some reason it makes me laugh, maybe you needed to watch that part to really understand just how funny it was. To think, people were actually upset at the thought of losing their Elton John records. Which leads to another related story…

In the movie KidCo with former child star turned porn star Scott Schwartz, there is a scene where an IRS auditer comes in to take all their stuff and one of his younger sisters says:

“What about all my Led Zeppelin albums!?!”

I swear, what was it about the 70’s and early 80’s that had people so paranoid about their record collections. I still have, somewhere, every piece of vinyl I have ever owned, which is like 10 records. I was always on the “edge” of technology as a kid and wouldn;t be held back by such prehistoric methods of playing music.

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