Blasphemy! Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

When will Hollywood stop! Is there some sort of rule or law that the unoriginality of Hollywood must eat up classic movies and spit out crappy remakes.

I just finished reading an article that they are remaking The Longest Yard…why? What’s wrong with the first one? You can’t take a classic and make it better.

Why no remakes of Ishtar? As I udnerstand for the last few years, here is what we’ve seen and what is to be expected:

Red Dragon (I will admit this was much better)
The Graduate (outragous that they could even fathom making a better version)
Oceans 11 (not bad remake of Oceans Eleven, soon to have a sequel Oceans 12)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (how dare they!)

Those are just a few, feel free to leave your comments good or bad as well as other remakes that piss you off!

2 thoughts on “Blasphemy! Blasphemy! Blasphemy!”

  1. Jay, I completely agree. I too was quite digusted with the thought of remaking “Longest Yard” which is one of the greatest. As if to add insult to injury however, Diane and I recently watched “Longest” on CMT and they dared air a version without the “ball-to -the-crotch seen…I know, unbelievable. A few more notable dreadful remakes of late:
    “Truth about Charlie”(Matt Damon) remake of “Charade”(Cary Grant)

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