Isotopes Lose, Isotopes Lose…

Once again, the NHL has let us down with bad officiating. We thought, as avs fan, the pinnacle was the Ducks game last week where the refs clearly in front of millions of viewers determined the game. Even Ducks fans can’t argue that.

Tonight they amazed us once again. As a home team fan of the Avalanche I will say we are always biased, but most the time it is just what you lamens call “bitching.” It is meaningless and makes us feel better. However, when you have 2:30 left in regulation and there are penalties occurring left and right and you dont call them, then with about 30 seconds left you call a ticky tacky double for high sticking that is complete BS. Then, Footer gets called for the same becaue Yzerman decided to bleed his evil blood all over the ice. It’s not my fault Yzerman is a sissy and can’t take a hit. My 3 year old niece is tougher than him.

So I digress, the game is over, a OT victory for the wings. Regardless of what the ESPN viewers remark, being there is being there, you see a whole different game. You know the game is getting bad when the fans cheer for an official getting taken out by a player.

So was the case last week vs. the Edmonton Oilers. Frasier, the no helmet wearing tool who has had a long career and is widely known as a good fair ref has been piss poor this season and last. He wasn’t targeted when hit, but nontheless I can’t refrain from admitting I too cheered.

Hockey shouldn’t be coming to this. But playing the trap and a dump and chase game makes it extremely boring. But hey, anything to sell that advertising time right? People complained before that games took too long and that the puck drops were too slow. Wake up, we need that fast paced games. Why haven’t we seen an ad for “Hockey, the fastest game on ice?” Becaude Nancy Kerrigan is skating more than these guys.

I guess I should stop whining, it’s just a game. I will admit, it’s funny to watch the local Wings fans, 15, 000 Avs fans leaving an arena, 1, 000 wings fans, yet the wings fans find it in their best interest ot get in the face of all the avs fans. If you cant figure the odds lets put it this way, 15 to 1 in favor of the Avs fans. Would you talk shit with those kinds of odds if you weren’t an Avs fan? That’s what I thought.

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