Marc Crawford is a Whiner

It’s the NHL, it’s hockey. No one should get hurt, but it happens. To sit there and complain that it was malicious and that it should have been called is BS. It was a clean check with a shoulder, there was no malicious intent. The whole game was physical, both teams got away with plenty. Of cours the Canucks got away with a lot more somehow. The officials were booed most of the night. I felt bad that at the start of the third they had to bring out the cover so stupid fans wouldn’t throw stuff at the officials.

I mean come on, bad officiating is one thing, but being an ugly fan is ten times worse. I did my fair share of booing and yelling, but some people shouldn’t be allowd to spectate. Much like the Red Wings game a few weeks ago.

Well back on topic, Crawford can cry all he wants, watch all the replays and tally up who took more of a beating and he’ll see he has nothing to whine aboot.

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