RIAA and MPAA Lick

What the hell is with these industries? Today’s article from Yahoo.com:

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Here’s my viewpoint, both industries are comprised of backstabbing, money hungy individuals out for personal gain. Look at what actors and executives get paid….it is disgusting how much money they get paid for what they do. I am not knocking acting as a profession, but does getting paid $200 million to work for 8 weeks really make sense?

Back on topic, maybe if these studios, production companies and so on cut costs and then maybe there would be a reduction in piracy. On top of that, the adds potraying that the little guy is the one hurt by the piracy is BS. Those guys are paid either up front or when the job is done. However, the studios, producers and actors often have a vested interest in the sales of the film since their salaries and/or profits may be directly tied. Do you think Joe Smith – Boom operator is making money off the sales of the movie, hell no, he got like $40K for his 8 weeks of work and put a lot of effort into it. The big time actor demanded lots of stuff, yelled at people, belittled PAs and gets millions of dollars and royalties. Thanks to SAG this happens.

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The RIAA is another evil institution. They too blame the people for their failures. maybe they need ot look internally at their outrageous contracts for one hit wonders and once again, overpaid executies. Once again, not knocking musicians, who I feel have more talent than actors, but you get my point. They RIAA doesn’t want to blame the fact CD prices haven’t changed in 15 years or that the quality of acts is dwindling.

5 years ago the record companies could have lowered prices to put off downloading of music. Instead they held their greedy ground and look where it got them. Our economy has been receding faster than the water resevoirs in this state yet they still want about $18 a disc. In all fairness a few companies last year announced reduced prices on discs, but why don’t you post a legitimate list of where all that money goes and let’s see how much goes to that deserving artist.

Eh, enough ranting.

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