Welcome to March

So here we are, March 1, 2004. I can’t believe we are already starting the third month of the year. I have been a bit busy with life and work so I haven’t updated this in awhile.

I went to the Avs game tonight, boy did they stink. I haven’t seen them play this bad in some time. They looked very lazy, worn out and unwilling to even try. A lot of “I’m not going after it you get it.” We also almost scored on ourselves 4 times. Abi was furious, you could see it in his gameplay. Thanks God he has been such a great starting goalie or we would be in big big trouble.

A lot of people say we are doing bad because Forsberg is out. Keep in mind we won the cup without him and we made it a whole season without him until the playoffs. He is a great player, but he is not the reason we are losing.

I have a milestone birthday this year, as a little teaser, watch here as sometime in the next month or so I will be doing something in honor of my birthday. Of course my b-day isn’t until June, but it’s never too early to do something for yourself.

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