Happy Easter, Passover and Snow

So we had an exciting weekend of cold wet snow and nothing to do. However, it was Easter for me and Passover for some of my friends. Not that really has much of anything to do with the time I wasted doing nothing all weekend.

I went to my Sisters house for Easter and had dinner. I held my newest nephew for the first time. He’s tiny. He has a big head though.

Also, the Avs seem to be doing okay so far (knock on wood). Up 2- 0 in the quarter finals. DU won their first NCAA Div 1 Hockey Chamionship in 35 years so that’s not too shabby either.

I watched the game at home because I was too tired to go to a bar to watch it. In all honesty, it would have been great to watch it at a bar with friends and DU students just to watch everyone go berzerk.

One other item to note, not that you aren’t already sick of hearing it. Phil won!

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