Happy May!

Sold the Passat this weekend. The happy new owners will be finalizing everything this week and should have the car by Thursday! I know they are just going to love it. I’m sure I will go into some sort of temporary depression missing the car.

I guess it’s like breaking up with a girlfriend, yet you still love that person. 🙁

Well, on a heppier note, it is going to be sunny and warm all week. Lucky for me I get to be inside each day working! Yay me. Wait a minute, that isn’t happy.

The Avalanche seem to be fighting back against the San Jose Guppies. I’m just glad we didn’t get swept. I will be at the game tomorrow night. It would be nice to see this go to a game seven. Nabakov is having a great series. We’ve thrown a lot at him the last few games and only got three by. I do hope his power runs out and we get a lot by him tomorrow.

What else is going on, sold the Passat..check, talked about the Avs….check. Oh, uh, how bout them Nuggets. Yeah they only won one game, but hey, we made it to the playoffs after being tied for last place and the end of last season. Not to shabby, I think a certain “King” has been sitting at home watching TV while is fiercest rookie competitor was in the playoff spotlight. Then again, he is sitting at home with his Rookie of the Year award. What’s bad about that, even though the ballots were due just shy of the regular season, everyone had him pegged for it before the season began. However, Carmelo Anthony is the Rookie of the Year in my book! And Earl Boykins is the biggest little basketball player eva!

I bought the movie Krull last week, it was on sale at the Blockbuster by my house. That movie rocks, especially the flying clydsedales with flames shooting off their feet. the cyclops guy is badass too!

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