Alex P. Keaton Rules

I just thought that was an eye catching topic, Alex P. Keaton Rules. He doesn’t really, all those bad sweaters. If for the ske of wasting time, Family Ties continued on for another decade or so, what would have happened with the characters? They only knew of a republican President, so what would have happened to Alex when Clinton took over?

Would Tom Hanks still be showing up as the drunk uncle? Would Mallory and Nick get married? Would Skippy lose it and become the leader of a cult worshipping Mallory? What about Jennifer? She seemed so plain and simple, well with the exception of a bad wardrobe, she was the most sane. I forgot the little kids name, was it Andy or something like that? Think he be slinging cane on the streets?

Ok, now that I have wasted yout time enough, how was your weekend? Mine was ok, rana bunch of errands, celebrating Chad ‘n Wendi’s daughter’s first birthday, touched up the paint on the Audi, primed one side of the scout, saw the new kitten (a couple posts down), went to Clay’s going away party on Friday night.

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