Bolder Boulder is Tough

I didn’t feel to well the night before and didn’t get much sleep, so I got up to get ready and wimped out. I realized there was no way I was going to make it even a mile, let alone 6.2 of em.

So I slept while everyone else was out there bustin their humps to get the race completed.

I guess the sky divers had a little trouble with the wind and landed on some people and in the trees.

I spent 20 minutes waching my car yesterday and an hour later a bird pooed on it. Damn birds.

I am a bit sleepy today, didn’t sleep well last night, but I did watch Vegas Vacation, what a great movie.

Check this out, I did a Google Image search for Monkeyand found this image of a person in a monkey suit sure to terrify any small child:

You can see more of their terrifying costumers at

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