What the Hail is Going On?

So last night while falling asleep to the news, Kathy Sabine gets on the TV and tells me that Golden received over a foot of hail. OVER A FOOT! I say no way, I figured it ws my mind messing with me because I was half asleep.

Well I cruise on into work today, it looks like a blizzard and a bomb hit the area. Tree pieces everywhere, 6ft+ piles of hail from the plows, there is easily 3 inches still sitting outside my office in spots. I could go out and get into a hail ball fight with everyone here.

I’m too lazy to go back out and take a picture so you’ll just have to believe me. Anyway, it is totally nuts, I have never seen so much hail in my life.

I guess one of my co-workers left around 9pm last night and got to the intersection by our office. Watched to cars drive into over 2ft of hail and get stuck. They couldn’t even open their doors. Unbelievable.

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