Carrying the Torch

So with all the hoopla surrounding this summers olympics the torch has finally arrived in the US of A. With the likes of good ol Sylvester Stallone the torch is moving across the country on it’s way to Canada.

What really cathes me about this travel is the following:

“The torch was flown by plane to Los Angeles from Mexico City Wednesday. L.A. is one of 34 cities in 27 countries the torch will visit before heading to Athens, Greece for this year’s Summer Olympics.”

Why the hell couldn’t they run it from Mexico to LA on foot, not to be too non P.C. but Mexicans are running across the border daily, just hand one of them the torch.*

So they instead send it in a plane, now as I understand, the torch is supposed to stay lit during it’s travels just like how the Olympic flame stays lit for the entire course of the games. Here lies more questions, if there is no smoking or fire allowed on planes how was the torch allowed? How did it get past the screeners in security? Did some guy run through with a lit torch? Wouldnt that spark some sort of security concern? Along with that, would their be the fear that it is not just a symbol, but a flammable/combustible item that could potentially bring a plane down?

I’m going to build my own Olympic torch and the next time i fly I’m going to see what happens. Only because I’m too lazy to run with it across the country.

* Before anyone even thinks about flaming me, nothing I said is racist, steretypical or ethnically incorrect as it is factual information. I can gladly pull stats and direct you to further validation of my comments if you would like.

Oh, and I have to post this since someone was nice enough to e-mail it to me and make me waste a good 30 seconds of my life:

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