Is Todd Bertuzzi a Credit Card?

Cause he just got charged!

That’s right, Mr. Emotion was charged today in BC for his hit on Colorado Avalnche player Steve Moore. We’ll see what the outcome is. I think his first court appearance is in early July.

On a side note, reodeo season is in full affect in Colorado. I would like to meet the person that first tried to potray Colorado as the old west. Why? Because it never was, Colorado is founded on accident after accident after mishap. I love Colorado, but I freaking hate the “Cowboy” image everyone tries to give it.

Anyway, if there would be one event I would ever compete in for a rodeo, it woud be Muton Busting, no it;s not what your Grandpa used to do to the sheep on the farm. It’s where a little kid hops on the back of a sheep, wraps their arms around it’s neck and holds on for dear life.

Here is a picture from the website:

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