Happy Birthday to Me!

So I guess maybe I didn’t realize that yesterday was to be my last post in my 20’s. Depressing a little isn’t it? You know, in retrospect my 20’s were a complete blast, although I will say the last 2 – 3 years haven’t been that great, and the last year was really bad. So i guess I can’t say all of my 2-0’s were a blast. More like 20 – 26, those were good years. Of course I made some mistakes, so lets whittle that down to 21 – 26, there we go. Ok, 5 good years out fo htat whole decade. Good news is they were consecutive and I had a lot of fun.

Now, I am an adult, I must be responsi…..ok who are we kidding. 30 is just a number, it’s really only for tracking purposes. I mean who says I have to be any different just because I have entered a new decade of living?

I am having a big party tonight, I certainly hope people show up otherwise I am going to have to drink A LOT of booze all by myself. I mean, it would take me at least a few days to get through it all if I drank non-stop and couldn’t die from drinking.

Well I guess that’s it for now, hopefully my 30’s will be better as a whole than my 20’s.

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