Big Birthday Bonanza Weekend has come to a close

Well the Big Birthday Bonanza Weekend is over, all those that needed to turn 30 have and have paid the price in hang overs. The big party started for me on Friday and lasted until Sunday, sort of. We had a big party on Friday at the Pit and tor it up, pictured can be seen by clicking here!.

Spent most of Saturday miserable, then went out for an awesome night with teh family. We met my parents at the Rio for a marg and then headed over to the Keg for a nice steak and lobster dinner. It ran late, we were supposed to head out to Longmont to Amanda’s to celebrate her 30th but it was just too late.

Yesterday was filled with cabin fever as it rained most of the day and we ran some errands. Watched PCU, hmm, need to update my movies watched list.

Well I think that’s all that I have to say for right now, I’m certain something will come up soon. I guess i can give a teaser pic from the pictures, this is Stu, Amanda and Me:


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