Well I Reckon It Was A Good Time

Well we dun got up in der dun mnt…ahem..sorry. We made it to Breck by about 2a.m. Saturday Morning. It was a long drive from the airport. All the sissies passed out by the time we got there. I think we crashed about 3a.m.

I was awoken by the sound of someone sitting over me eating, I looked up and it was Jim, it was 6a.m. Then they started coming out of the woodwork as everyon woke up to do Mt. Lincoln. I on the other hand had something else in mind….sleep.

They took off arounf 7a.m. to go do the 14er, I crashed. There were justa few of us left at the house. Those freaks returned mid afternoon, and then took naps. I had started drinking at about 11a.m. so they were goin to have a lot of catching up to do.

Everyone got up and took showers we headed out to Breckinride Brewery where we ate food, drank a bunch of beer and played a little pool. We hit up a few more bars, smoked some stogies and then headed back to the house.

After vandalizing a carved wooden bear in the house we proceeded to play asshole for the next number of hours until one by one people passed out. Yes, it was a memorable, or loss of memorably time.

So all in all The Bear’s bachelor party was awesome, I have some pictures to prove it, no there’s no nudity…well I hope not because if there is I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see it. However, you can see all of our kickass mustaches.

Click Me for Pictures!


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