Argh, life is too busy sometimes

It’s like the old cliche, it’s a rat race. I tell you, everything moves so fast, it would be nice to be independently wealthy and be able to really do what i want. I know that sounds dumb, because I can do what I want, but in order to do what I want I have to sacrifice things I don’t really want to sacrifice. So in the end I am really just a dumb head.

Ok, now that that’s over with. I am about done with my yearly sunburn courtesy of overcast skies last weekend. This weekend we are going 4wheeling and horseback riding down in Westcliffe.

Today I met by bro-inlaw at the Pepsi Center to help pick out a third seat for Avalanche season tickets. It was swell.

2 weeks until vacation, I can’t wait, I promise to take an assload of pictures and waste bandwidth by uploading all of them. I will be on the road for about ten days. Going to Vegas (yearly trip), Newport Beach and Grand Teton for Joe and Karen’s wedding.

Coincidentally the Bear and Bing Bong are getting married the day I come back, but they are having a private ceremony and we’ll be celebrating their wedding in early September.

I did a google image search for Monkey Butt and found this:

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