Back from Vaca Yo!

Well we got back into Denver ’round 9pm Sunday night. What a whirlwind. We left August 13 for Vegas spent a few days there, then headed out to Newport Beach, CA for about 4 days, then headed out to Grand Teton National Park for a few days and a Wedding.

While in Las Vegas I proposed, she said yes, so we are now happily engaged. I know, FINALLY, only 6.5 years to get off my ass and do it. Regardless, it made for a great trip and an even greater next step in our lives.

Newport Beach was a blast as well, we spent our first full day there on the beach, I did some boogie boarding (haven’t done that in about 15 years!). I was a lot better at it than I thought I would be, I’m thinking about turning pro. Ok, maybe not. Our second day there we took a drive up the coast through the Santa Monica mountains and back down, we also got our In n Out fix. She had never had it before so I introduced her to one of the best burgers ever. We did some other sight seeing and beach hanging outing and really enjoyed the time in Neport. I recommend a relaxing week on the beach for everyone.

After we left Cali we headed to Salt Lake City, UT for a night since it would have been too far to drive stright through to Grand Teton. Was ok, before we headed out in the morning we stopped by the Temple in SLC to see it in person. Pretty amazing structure even thought we could only see the outside.

We headed to Grand Teton, drove through Idaho then into Wyoming to get there. Idaho was really pretty, even though we saw a car with a baked potato on the license plate. Overall a great drive. We stayed at the Colter Bay Cabins in Colter Bay at Jackson Lake. The cabon is over 100 years old and of course has had electricity and water and plumbing added. It was very very quiet and very peaceful. We were there for Karen and Joe’s wedding which was just awesome. They had the ceremony outside the Jackson Lake lodge making the backdrop the Grand Tetons. Just awesome! The reception was a blast too!

Well that’s pretty much it, I have some pictures, a bunch of them. I am waiting on the ones from my Dad from the beach. Use the link below to get to the pictures. Also, as always here is a teaser to get you all excited:

Vaction Pictures

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