It’s Too Hard

I hate moving, I mean I like moving to a new place, but I hate the process of moving, hauling, cleaning, unpacking, setting up, organizing, getting comfortable and so on. It is a real pain.

My previous post was just an added bonus, Comcast makes it hard to move as well. But we now have cable and internet capabilities to rule the workd with, muahahhahahhaha! Or to be productive and work and play video games with…woot.

This was a big step, the fiancee and I mived in together. This is not only a big step for us, but for our cats! They are working on getting along, sort of. They are finally comfortable with the house, so that means they are now ready to scrap. I hope the brawl isn’t too bad. They are both older.

Here are some stats for the fight:

Elvis –
Age: 9.5
Weight: 17lbs (maybe more)
Motto: “If it breathes I can kill it.”
Background: Elvis is a battle proven former outdoor kitty warlord coming from a one cat household. He was the kingpin of Willow Creek from 1995 – 1999. He has survived fights with raccoons, cats and attempted abductions by construction workers and owls. He has been known to break into peoples homes and awake them in the middle of the night and has no mercy for any other living breathing organisms.
Handicaps: Bum leg from falling out of a tree or getting dropped by an owl.

Jasper –
Age: 13
Weight: 15lbs
Motto: “I’m a lover and a fighter.”
Background: Jasper was rescued from a shelter about 12 years ago in New Mexico. He is loved by many and feared by many more. JJ is used to living in a multi cat household but is also used to being the dominate cat. As far as we know he was never an outdoor kitty, so his fighting style should be much different than his opponents. However, he has a dark side, not enough attention and he will attack, he has raped and has starved his kitty companions in the past.
Handicaps: No street fighting experience

While the fight is as expected as bully on a playground we will have to intervene if it gets too out of control. Currently the odds are 2:1 for Jasper and 1:2 for Elvis. Even though Elvis has a bum leg, he has more weight and massive front arm strength. Jasper does have speed and quickness. We’ll have to wait and see.

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