Aren’t You All So Lucky

So this was too hard to resist. Last year this kid burns down an apartment building and it kills a person. He has just pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial. Now read the following quote from the story:

“Fieber’s attorneys say poor construction of the building and an inadequate response by firefighters are to blame for the fire’s end result.”

All I have to say is time to find a new lawyer. I could just see it in court:

Fieber’s Lawyer: It wasn’t the FIRE that burned dowwn the building, it was it’s poor construction and poor firefighter response.

I mean if that’s the defense, I would have just plead guilty.

Maybe the gal that started the huge Hayman fire could argue that mother natures poor design of the trees are to blame for the massive forest fire and not her burning her estranged husbands letters?

Take some responsibility for your actions!!!

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