Getting Settled In Now

Finally starting to get settled in and normal round the new place. We painted last weekend and have been getting the trim done this week.

We bought a bed on Sunday at Denver Mattress, we realized the two of us and two cats don’t fit well on a full so we bought a King. I think it is called the Madison. Very nice, but we wont get it until Saturday because we are both too busy to be around during the week.

They had a promotion, no interest for 40 months and no payments for the first two years. Of course we plan on making payments starting right away. Should be paid off int he next 6 months or so.

The cats are gatting a little better than the last time I posted. Still som hissy fits, but Elvis is trying to be Jasper’s friend by batting at his tail and irritating him. Jasper is trying to be Elvis’ friend by backing him into corners and irritating him.

I need to spray weed killer on the yard, lots of weeds and weeds are high on the allergy index right now too so it is making me crazy.

I finally was able to exchange my South Park Season 2 for South Park Season 4 this weekend as well. I already had Season 2 and I got it again on my birthday. It only took Target Boutique 2 freakin months to get it in.

My dad gave me a CD of all the pictures from Newport Beach, I will get those uploaded just as soon as I can.

Lessee, is there anything else. Hmm. Rosh Hashanah is next week. I’m not Jewish, but I just thought I’d let you know. Unfortunately for those kids Yom Kippur is on a Saturday so they only get to miss one day of school this year.

Also, there are only two more weeks of Summer left. So if you’ve been trying to loose that weight or work on that tan for the beach and your bathing suit I hate to tell you, it’s too late.

The good news is that we are only a few months away from the Ski season. So that means I have 12 weeks to lose 20lbs and get my ass in shape. I am pretty much all better now so there is no reason, no excuse for me to not get it going.

I also need new skis, if you’s like to donate to the Jay Gietl I Need New Skis, Bindings and a Season Pass Fund let me know. No amount is too small or big for that matter.

Okay, there you go, a big post, whoo hoo, yippee! I feel like I need that little song and fireworks thing from the end of the level on Super Mario Bros.

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