O M G, U H 2 B F K M

I cannot believe this, granted if the basis of this case was solely about buying a stuffed cow from one place then copying and reselling it then I would understand. Here, just read this article:

Gateway wins trademark spat with Colorado company

Per this article, anything with black and white cowspots is infringing on Geteway’s copyright? What about real black andwhite cows? Is Gateway going to sue ranchers, maybe even the Government?

What about people with seat covers? Chaps? Cowboy hats? What if I painted my car and sold it that way? What if I tattoed my entire body in a black and white cow print then whored myself out, would that be infringing on too?

Ok, I am going a little overboard, but the fact that a company is allowed to trademark something like that is just ridiculous.

Just like someone named Donald trademarking “You’re Fired.” I mean who hasn’t had that said to them sometime in their life. I always say Hi to people so I am going to trademark Hi, so anyone saying Hi better higher a lawyer cause I’m going to sue your ass, but Hi anyway.

To end this pathetic rambling here are some things Gateway can sue over:


Here a lot of potential lawsuit dollars for Gateway:

Here is a kid that drew a picture of a Cow, easily worth $10 Million lawsuit dollars, dont forget to sue Microsoft since he used MS PAint to do it:

Not sure what to say about this one….

Okay this one would deserve a lawsuit…sheesh:

Okay, I’m done, thank God I do not, nor will I ever own anything from Gateway.

One thought on “O M G, U H 2 B F K M”

  1. WE used to have one of those fistualeted cows in our school in Wisconsin, you could reach in and pull out what it had eaten.

    fucked up shit.

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