Kitty Down, KITTY DOWN!

Well so in jest I posted the other week about the potential of Elvis and Jasper fighting. The fighting is more of an inevitability than anything else but you hope it inst bad. So far here is the tally:

I have witnessed 2 bad fights, there have otherwise been a few bitch slaps but the two fights were ugly. The first was definitley the worse, Jasper has the grapes to back Elvis into a corner and while Evis tries to avoind confrontation Jasper attacked him, being a former street fighter he wasn;t about to back down and went for the throat, Jasper returned the same. By this point we were intervening and used a table chair to wedge in between the kittys and seperate them. Jasper walked off with a mouthful of Elvis hair and there was just cat hair everywhere. Along with nail coverings.

After a day or so we were able to fully inspect the cats, we had found small amounts of blood on the kitchen floor near their food/water area. We also noticed some on the floor by the litter pan.

I saw Elvis laying ont he floow in my office with what looked to be a nail covering next to him. We saw more blood the next day and it clicked, that was no covering I went back int he office and picked up his broken nail. I inspected his foot and although it was a broken nail I saw nothing that looked to be too bad, regardless we took him to the vet for a looksie and to get him up to date on his shots.

Fast forward to Friday the 17th. They were playing nice until Elvis layed down and Jasper egged him on by walking closer and closer to him, Elvis saw the advantage JJ had and went after him. This time the fight was them grabbing their heads and using thier back legs to try and disembowl each other. That was split up by using a cushion from the couch.

The next day Jasper seemed pretty down, now keep in mind he had some cuts from that first fight. He wasn’t getting out of this funk by yesterday and there was a slight limp and some real soreness above his left front shoulder. Upon inspection we found it to be oozing puss (nasty!).

Looks like one of the original bites got infected. So off to vet with jasper today. I just got word that they cleaned him up and gave hima Rx for antibiotics. We need to use warm compresses for the next few days to keep it clean and hopefully he’ll be back to his old self ina few days.

This has been a chore and it a way seems much what it would be like to raise children. Anyway, the goal is to ahve two happy and healthy kittys living under one roof with no bloodshed.

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