Consolidation, C O N S O L I D A T I O N!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!!

I decided to consolidate my hosting accounts and domains not only for management reasons but for monetary purposes. Saving a lot of money having all my domains under one account. Such domains as:

Lots o gietl in that list. A whole lotta gietl. But everyone wants a gietl so why not have all that gietl.

Not all of the domains are developed yet but they will soon.

I helped set Joe up with his own domain and hosting as a way late b-day gift. You can now view his site at:

Okay, gotta lot to do, maybe you;ll get lucky and get another post today. Muahhahahah, oh year, for your convenience here is a picture from Eldora ski area, they got a bunch of snow last night (of course now it is all melting…watch it melt:

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