It’s a Gietl, Gietl, Gietl World

So with the engagement on and the attempt to determine a wedding date my future bride to be will be taking my name and has struggled with the things that rhyme with Gietl, like Beetle and, Beatle, and well that’s about it.

However, to prove that she is not the only one to have to suffer through various nicknames here is a list of pictures and links to other Gietls in the world courtesy of Google Image search:

Udo Gietl – Famous motorcycle racer

I have no idea?

Once again, no clue (as will be the case with most).

Peter Gietl

Hans Gietl

Erich Gietl

Christa Gietl

My Uncle Bob’s 52 Buick

My Uncle Father Joe

Whew, I think that’s all the pictures, here are some links to some Gietl namesake sites:

Check this out, a Park named after our name:
Gietl Park

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