Audi is going in for some work :(

Well I recently rolled 60,000 miles on the Tomatoe and it is time for it’s 60K service. Now the service isn’t that unreasonable, but I also need to have the Timinb Belt, water pump, timing belt tensioner, rollers and all that jazz replaced.

Although Audi doesn’t require it until about 105K miles most fail between the 60-80K range and the damage caused by the failure is horrendus. I would do it myself but my warranty prohibits me from doing so. I know I know, “If you have a warrnaty why do it?”

Well the answer is simple, the repairs would be so costly that everything would be scrutinized for the repairs and I’d rather pay $900 for piece of mind than to have something come up int he past that prevents the repairs from being covered. Plus it will help the resale value when I sell it in a few years.

Along with the above the car didn’t want to start this morning, I think the battery is about done. I believe it is the original battery, if so this would be about right for it to start going.

I replaced the belts on my scout this weekend. It was super easy. Took me about 30 minutes because the bolts were a little tough to loosen on the Power Steering thing. I bought plugs too, but it looks to be a hard project. about 3 of the 8 are hard to reach and I need to get to them all. A little while ago I got back from picking upa few parts for the soft top that i was missing (I know a year later). A whopping $5 for the veritcal rods to keep the snow from coming in from beind the door while I’m driving.

There was a party for Wezee this weekend, we all got a little tipsy (read wasted) and yesterday was miserable, in quoting Danny Glover “I’m too old for this shit.”

I am buying tickets to the Green Day concert on Wednesday, it’s Nov 12 at the Pepsi Center, another band I have never seen live and have always wanted too. I can’t wait! That reminds me, I never did post about the Beastie Boys concert. It was A W E S O M E ! ! !

Even thought they only performed for 90 minutes it was incredible. I wish they would have extended the concert another 90 minutes, but oh well.

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