Is it possible to have too much?

Riding in today on the Hondamatic made me thankful for having 3 vehicles, but is it too much? I mean what one person needs three motorized vehicles to get them around?

I guess I feel like I haven’t used the Hondamatic or the Scout to their full potential over the last year or so primarily because of my illness so maybe that’s why I think this.

My plan is to sell the Hondamatic in the Spring and buy something a little bigger for longer rides, especially weekend trips. It also must be good for spirited riding in the mountains and a good commuter for work.

Maybe I should sell Joe the Hondamatic, he can ride it from Denver to Mississippi. Gets about 70 miles or so before a fillup is needed. So that shouldn’t take him too long to get back home.

I’m going to try an finally get my Motorcycle endorsement on my license, I mean 15 years of riding and no license, it’s time. I’m going to take the ABATE class a local community college, it;s $165, 15 hours and at the end you will have completed the written and riding test and get a vouche to go to the DMV and have the endorsement added.

Plus it would be good to have the course.

One thought on “Is it possible to have too much?”

  1. Jay,

    So sure Joe would not be interested in any motorcycle, as I have spent his lifetime sharing ER stories about poor misquided drivers. Perhaps you should also spend travel time seatbelted inside a car.

    Want you dancing at your wedding.

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