AOL Sucks

AOL Suck, here’s why. It sucks, it just sucks. It creates headaches. So it sucks. Did I mention it sucks?

I hope I’ve made my point, AOL sucks, don’t use it, I don’t and see how happy I am.

2 thoughts on “AOL Sucks”

  1. I do contest. How does AOL cause headaches, maybe if you just dont know how to use it? haha, you dont know how to use AOL…

  2. AOL is teh suX0r. I have never used teh intrenet before so ALO confuses me. 🙂

    There is a development reason why I hate it, it casued me grief for about a week and a half because of how AOL rewrites cookies on subsequent sessions.

    It also punched me, causing said headache.

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