Ha, uh, hahahhahhah

Well they’re back, like you haven’t heard already. If you watched Leno last night you almost peed yourself from this little bundle of joy. With that I direct you to the JibJab website:


It might be really REALLY slow because of the airing last night and the gossip today. They have created a new short movie that is freaking hilarious. I certainly hope you have a broadband connection.

I also recommend supporting these guys. I know you;re all cheap and want your entertainment for free, but they are very creative and deserver your hard earned money. Hell their job is to make you laugh, they did so pay up already! Ok, done with that.

I washed my car at lunch, with all the recent rain it has been hard to keep it clean. Well after I washed it I headed out to Chik-fil-A for some grub. While booking down C470 a f’n semi was spraying Diesel fuel everywhere. There was nowhere to go. I tried to get him to pull over so I could get ten bucks from him to wash my car again, but he kept drivin and spraying. What an ass.

Okay, new thing, my weekly dare:

Buy this Unopend Can of Coors, drink it, and let me know what happens.

Unless you’re Joe, then Click here since you like blowing money on vinyl.

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