Dry Ice + Coke Bottle + Pumpkin = FUN!

So I was going through some files on this site and came across this little video we made last year. One of my friends is a Science Teacher, so you know, he’s a little loopy and likes to try experiements out on us. Since it was Halloween he had a bunch of Dry Ice and his students did a lab. He had about 5-10lbs of dry ice left over so he brought it home.

His idea, to destroy eveything of mine he can in as little time as possible. First it was my cookie container, I didn’t get to witness it but I guess it was cool. Next, it was a pumpkin, but being the oh so smart science teacher he is decided to put it on my glass patio table. After a number of warnings from me, that the table was going to explode with the pumpkin he tried pulling his superior knowledge on me and guaranteed me it wouldn’t break. So can you image what happens next? No? Well watch the vide below:

Exploding Pumpkin

On an unrelated note, I just got a call from my fiancee. She is supposed to be on her way to Columbia, SC this morning. She called that damn cab company, 7777777. Well they pick her up in a nasty ass cab, take her the long ass way to the airport, charge her $60 and make her miss her flight. I mean, what a freaking moron that cab driver was. He insisted his route was faster. Hopefully he can take that stolen money and take a shower or something like that.

2 thoughts on “Dry Ice + Coke Bottle + Pumpkin = FUN!”

  1. Likely story, this excuse comes after I spent 5 minutes explaining how the table was going to explode with the pumpkin.

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