Genius I Tell You! GENIUS!

I must preface this that I love a good comic adventure that leaves no person, group/gender/race/religion or whatever you want untouched. Once again Trey Parker and Matt Stone have struck gold.


Team America World Police outdoes every other project seen by the public. If you thought South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut was tough, wait until you see this little gem.

At 145 minutes there ar only a few lulls in the film. As with any comedy you have to get the story across and in doing so have to create some slow parts. The rude and crude antics in this film are to die for. First off, it is all marionettes with the exception of a few fish and a couple kitty kats. The detail these guys went through to choreograph and layout all the minatures in the film is unbelievable.

While many will balk at the film and cry foul, the film isn’t just the jokes, but the details and effort put into just making this film is worth the $20, well unless your single then it’s only $10 ;).

While I rarely agree with “movie critics” I will admit that the Rocky Mountain News did a good job with their review and rating. You can read the review here!

As some of you are aware there was some controversy before the release of the film last Friday. The MPAA (those asshats) gave the film an NC-17 rating because of the crude puppet sex. Matt and Trey had to tone it down, all I have to say is my fiancee leaned over and said “That’s toned down?” That in itself made me laugh even more.

I read an artice (I hope I can find it) that was interviewing Matt and Trey about the rating and the pussy actors complaining about their depiction in the film. They talked about how the MPAA will give a film an NC-17 rating because of hardcore puppet sex, but the violent deaths the puppets endure in the film really caused no second look.

Now I understand that some 17 year old boys (and girls) might be in a hormone enraged state, but I cannot imagine the visual of two marionettes (without genitals) getting anyone excited…well anyone other than Pinocchio. So why all the fuss?

I hate to use this as a comparison, but Kill Bill vol1 was pretty f’n gory for an action film. I had no problem with it but witnessed a handful of people get up and leave. However, this film too was rated R and it depicted humans being killed in very detailed and gory ways.

Once again, I say the MPAA sucks at their job. I don’t really recommend this film for minors, nor do these guys since they knew it would have an R rating. This rating comes primarily due to the language and of course, puppet sex. Obviously we all know the MPAA doesn’t care about violence.

Anyway, go see it, on my beer scale (being number of beers needed to make it funny) I give this film one beer. Basically, no alcohol required to laugh your pants off. As a special note, these guys not only created a good movie, but wrote and performed some kick ass songs!

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