Get Out and Vote

Well it’s about that time. Early voting has been available for the last two weeks and comes to a close this evening. I of course have had every intention of voting early but work and personal commitments have kept me out of the voting booth.

I certanly hope to go vote this evening, otherwise you’ll see me lined up on Tuesday with everyone else.

I received an e-mail today froma close friend of mine, very thought provoking. The message was titled “Is Ben Afflecks Career Over?” The body of the message said “I sure hope so.”

Let me address this as best I can. Did Ben Affleck every have a career to begin with? I mean the man can’t act, other than having “friends” that give him big roles he hasn’t really done anything good.

I will give Ben this much credit, the best move he made was ditching bubble butt lopez. While it may have been tough, that street has been driven on one to many times.

Back to Ben’s career. I mean Ben seems like a decent enough guy. So can we blame his lack of a career on him or his agent. I think it really falls on the movie industry. You see we are runnung out of good actors, especially action stars. Look at Arnold, Sly and even Snipes. These guys are getting old (no offense) but I can’t beleive a 60 year old man is going to take on an entire gang in Sao Palo and live to tell about it. So what do we do, we scramble to find who will be out next action stars.

Where do we find them? Well who is appealing to ladies and seems manly. Well lets pick Ben Affleck and throw him into some action films. Okay, so we have this guy who played an asshole in Mallrats, a sissy in Chasing Amy and he also did help write a good film (well some people say it’s good) and now we are going to make him somthing he’s not. Don’t get me started on Matt Damon either.

Really in the end Ben Affleck is not a dynamic actor, he can only play on character. Basically his character in Chasing Amy is the same character he uses in every film.

It’s like how Kurt Russel basically has only a few characters he can play (typically in relation to his hair):

Kurt Russel #1 (long hair):
Escape from NY (LA)
Big Trouble in Little China
Captain Ron
Tango and Cash

Kurt Russel #2 (short hair):
Unlawful Entry
Tequila Sunrise

Executive Decision

I think you get the picture. Just see the movies with his different hair (long or short) and notice the similarities in the characters. I mean I think Kurt Russel is great, especially in Big Trouble in Little China.

Okay, where am I, so in summation, Ben Affleck never really had a career in the first place so in asking if it is over, I guess you could say no as it never began. To those that feel he has had a career then in asking if it is over all I have to say is Ishtar! oh I mean Giggly or ghila monster or whatever that movie was.

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