Election Day Experience

I was waiting in line to vote this morning when I got good news that I was ion the wrong line and was able to move from about 50th in line to around 6th in line for my polling place. While laughing about it with some fortunate others a very feminine male began whining and complaining that he had to be somewhere important by 9am.

Keep in mind it is 7am, his precinct has 3 machines mine has 2 and he is about 20th in line. He had maybe an hour to wait. After his whining he mentioned he had jury duty at 9am. Now as I recall from my Denver Jury Duty I had to be there at 8am. So he is an idiot.

Finally the polling volunteer askes the folks in the other line if they would let him in front, they all agree and proceed to make fun of him for being a whiny beotch.

I got there after him (6:55am) and was done voting and out the door by 7:20am. He left at about 7:10am. So what was the rush? I work in Golden and I still got to work before 8, he just had to go downtown.

Anyway, we all got a kick out of the overly feminine male. He must have been on his cycle or something. This made my voting day fun! So you see, it’s worth it to vote just by the odd chance of witnessing something as assinine as I did.

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