48hrs until all hell breaks lose

In 48hrs the terror will begin on the streets of Denver. No man, woman or child will be spared. Joe Gilbert will be in town followed by a mass exodus from our homes and neighborhoods to the bars of Downtown Denver and debauchery.

I cannot tell you if we will survive, but only to stay vigilant as it will only last 5 days.

Keep in mind the GSA Conference will be in town so watch out for neerdy drunk guys talking about hot magma.

If you need to understand what it’s like when Joe, aka Abrasive Joe, comes to town follow the links below to view the destruction associated with his visits:

March 2004

I mean come on, look at the guy:

One thought on “48hrs until all hell breaks lose”

  1. Gentleman Joe, a real life bon vivant, is always the very model of deecorum. You are most graciously invited anytime to his childhood abode to ascertain for yourself the origins of his exuberence for merriment, his joie de vivre! Enjoy your visit, I envy you.

    Barb Gilbert

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