It’s 1:44pm Do You Know Where Your Motivation Is?

Man I tell you, while the economy is in slow recovery, those that worked through the good ol days of inflated stock values and technology bubbles will know hwat I am talkng about.

Friday afternoon, go to the Golf Course, have a couple pitchers and a burger after hittin balls. Get back to work and fwoomp. Motivation is gooooooooooooone.

Fortunately, I have a lot of work to get done so while my motivation may be lacking, the fact is, it needs to get done si back to coding it is.

One more note, 22 hours until Joe gets in town. I’m telling you, time to move from yellow to orange, it wont be pretty.

oh, okay, really, last thing, I uploaded an assload of photos, I’m talkin Dom Deluise here folks.

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