When Will It End!

Okay, it’s not that bad. I took Sunday and Monday off from partying with Joe. Primarily due to work demands. So a few of us went out to dinner last night at the Wynkoop. I had 3 20oz Captain Hickenlooper’s Flying Artillery Ale’s. Which when you do the math is like having 5 beers. Not to mention each beer had a 5.6% Alcohol Content by volume.

As you can imaging those beers and a Buffalo burger later I was a little tipsy. I am really tired and a little hung over today, humpday.

Joe heads back to Mississippi and all the nerds will leave Colorado for 2 years beginning tomorrow. So I guess that means we are all going out again tonight to see what other trouble we can cause.

I think my Fiancee is going to divorce me before we get married if Joe doesn’t leave. Other than the hangovers it’s been a fun few days and make me miss the craziness of my younger years.

Sorry, no pictures from last night, nothing worth taking.

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