Love Lost

I opened the door and turned on the light to the room. We looked at each other as we had each day for the last 8 months. She still had the twinkle in her eye, the same one she had the day I met her.

We knew this would be the last time and that we wanted to make it last. She opened up and I slipped inside her like I did nearly every day. I took my time, care and gently carressed her and I got into position.

This time it was going to be different, this time we were going to take it slow and easy.

As we continued she continued that throaty moan that I fell in love with the first time we were together. The whole time she continued, getting louder and into it the faster we moved the faster our hearts beat.

We didn’t want it to stop, we wanted it to go on forever, but neither of us could stop, I felt the pulsation, the racing of my heart, it was time to stop, it was over…time for it to end.

We just sat there for a few minutes enjoying our last moments together, I slowly, carefully slid out of the soft warth. I got up, walked around her running my hands over her body, she was still hot. I looked into here eyes, looking as bright as ever and said…..good bye.

She knew and I knew it was time to take different paths in our lives. I know she will be much happier now. Still, I wonder what our future would have been had the romance continued.

Farewell my sweet, I will miss you.

The Audi has moved on to some fantastic new owners…I mean what did you think that story was about pervert?

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