Eh, So It Doesn’t Look Promising

Well it I have yet to hear from the seller and I found out one of my friends is trying to buy this car. There’s other fish in the sea and I really need to give the Scout some much needed TLC.

I did some work on it this weekend, I was much more productive in the “looks” department as opposed to the much needed mechanical department.

However, not that I have a new gap key and 13/16 spark plug socket I can finally change out those plugs. I was also looking at my Scout page and realized it’s been over 5 years since I rebuilt my carb. Of course I have put maybe 15,000 miles on the Scout in that time, but based on the acceleration stumbling and all that it might be time to look into another rebuild and add a spacer or maybe splurge for that always elusive Holley 2300 carb.

I am waiting on a mechanical oil pressure gague and a new PCV vavle, both should be here this week. My exisitng oil pressure gague which is electric and 27 years old is about shot.

I hope to be finalizing the purchase of a SSII grille for my scout to help complete the conversion as well as finding a nice cheap 4K tachometer for the Scout. Yes it redlines at 3800 – 3900 RPMs, and is only 122hp but give it a break. It still has twice as much torque and about 30 more hp than a lot of other cars in the market currently.

I miss my Audi, a lot. I miss the comfort, the handling and of course the power. Maybe I can install two turbos in the Scout?

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