Merry Christma…What? I missed it!?!?!?

I always screw up. Oh Well. It may be late, but Merry Christmas.

The holidays have been good so far, got to see all my siblings, their kids, my parents, an aunt and uncle I haven’t seen in a number of years and some much needed time off work.

I am still recovering from this wicked case of pneumonia that decided to act up just before Christmas. I am feeling much better now, hope to be back to 100% in a few weeks.

I received much needed clothing this Christmas. Pulling in a few pairs of “coolcat” jeans, and a bunch of nice shirts. I also got a gift card to Best Buy which will be used to replace my now toasted CD-RW with a Dual Layer DVD/CD RW. Yay.

I also bought myself a car, well I haven’t forked over the cash yet, but that should be in the next day or so while the current owner finishes cleaning up the car and doing a few other things. It is a 1990 Jetta Coupe. I’ll post some pictures once I take delivery and can take some photos.

New Years will be here in a few days, I would like to spend it with my friends, but it seems no one really knows what they are doing. So in order to make it easier we are going to the mountains to hang out with my family and to go to the Snake River Saloon in Keystone to ring in the new year. It is usually a fun time. I’m not big into New Years parties.

Well that’s about all I can muster right now. I will try posting again before 2005 starts!

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