So yesterday I received my next sllotment of movies from Netflix. We chose to watch Dodgeball, starring: Ben Stiller, Christine McCormack, Vince Vaughn and a number of other celebrity cameos.

While this film takes on the Karate Kid equation for film success the lead and supporting actors are a nice mix. The film really isn;t that good, there are funny parts but only a few things made me laugh out loud. Most everything else was snickers and giggles at some of the jokes.

I will have to admit some of the best stuff came from Jason Bateman playing Pepper as an announcer for the Dodgeball Championship on ESPN 8 “The Ocho.” That too is hilarious.

It is worth of a rental, I am glad we didn’t pay $20 to see it in the theaters. Here’s why, VV basically plays the same character he plays is Swingers and Old School. Ben Stiller plays another Zoolander/Starsky and Hutch. They guy that played Milton in office space is here too in a character very similar to Milton, big glasses and is a loser, but when he gets mad he is ruthless. Coincidentally Gary Cole is in here too from Office Space (he was Lumberg) playing the roll of Cotton the ESPN 8 announcer and VV’s character’s name is Peter…hmmmm.

Okay, going all over the board here. If you have a Netflix account and are waiting for Napolean Dynamite to become available bump this one up and get it out of the way. It is not too long and you will get enough laughs out of it that you wont be dissappointed you waited to get it as a rental.

Go Balls Deep!

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