The NHL and Players Union can kiss my Ass!

I am so pissed off at the NHL and the Players Union for not getting it together and having at least half a season. This entire lockout should have been resolved by December and a shortened season could have been played.

So the NHL and owners gripe about profits? How much are they making now? How much will they profit in coming years with loss of advertisers? How about the loass of top players to foreign leagues? Can they really think that fans will still pay outrageous ticket prices after this ugliness?

I am very scorned. I think the NHL, Owners and Players have let their fans down. I agree that there needs to be change and why not have a salary cap? It works for other sports.

Some of these players careers will be ruined by this lockout, some players only had one or two seasons left in them. By the time we get things going again people will start asking, “what ever happened to so-andso, he was a great player.” How about the young guys that were looking to make more money and move up the ranks in the league? They just took two steps backwards as there is nothing to bargain with right now.

I think all the players that want to play in foreign leagues instead of the NHL should. They will make money, and in most cases be much happier. Will they make as much as they could in the NHL, doubtful.

So maybe let them play for awhile and understand that even with a salary cap they stand to make a lot of money and continue with the sport they love.

While I promote the salary cap it is inevitable that great teams will be broken up as they will no longer be able to afford having such massive talent on one team. The Avalanche will be a team hurt by a salary cap. Sakic has a no trade clause so he can finish his career in Colorado, but paying his salary, Forsberg, Foote, Blake and the other strong players that have made Colorado such a good team wont be possible.

I guess I may be speaking too soon, I mean we have 7 months to see if there will be a next season. Stay tuned for the announcement of the cancellation of the 2004/5 season.

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