Coming Along Nicely

I spent a lot of time last night with the conversion and trying to get everything to synch up. So far so good. While I have used this software minimally on Jay and Renee I nevertook the time to look at all the features.

For the time being the navigation will all be taken care of on the right side –>

When I have some time I will create some tabs for navigating to the other parts of the site. I apologize for everything being crowded right now, but I still think it is easy to navigate. I will also be looking at other theme possibilities for this site as this is the default theme ans is used by many many wordpress users. I mean don’t get me wrong it is a kickass clean theme, but I also want a little originality.

I am going to look into other mods as well. Like getting the random photo black back in place, trying to get mo-blogging going on here and so forth. I really want to be able to take pictures with my phone, then post a message to the site with that image.

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