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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sometimes find it difficult to refrain from making negative comments about ads on TV and other stupid moments in TV history.

In the last 5 months I have notices some noteworthy things:

  1. Monday Night Football/Desperate Housewives fiasco.
    So we see the back of a naked Nicolette Sheridan and the country goes nuts. I find this humorous because I during the same time frame on both hat night and others they show risque Victoria’s Secret commercials with women layin all hussie like in their see thru undies. What about the Herbal Essence commercials where women are having orgasms while washing their hair?
  2. GE Commercial advertising the medical technologies.
    While I think it’s cool the show clips from that old movie where they shrink the ship and go fix the brain. The problem I have is it is a doctor spacing out while performing an operation/procedure. That to me is NOT reassuring. Or is it that GE is saying their technologies make it so easy for Doctors to perform their tasks that they can just go off to la la land.
  3. New Buick Commercial.
    I just saw this one for the first time last night. It shows a room full of candles with a Buick sitting in the middle of the room, and a woman in a robe. Next you see the robe drop and a presumably naked woman getting into the Buick. She looks quite “pleased” being naked inside the Buick. Keep in mind her nakedness is probably leaving all sorts of body soil on the leather seats. Then the commercial switches to her sitting in a bathtub surrounded by candles. After a lot of thought you could conclude that Buick was trying to say that their car is like sitting in a bathtub. Or, you could say that having a Buick is like having sex. I mean how many women filla room with candles just to take a bath by themselves. Also, she was sleeping in the bathtub. So I refer to #2 above. No matter what, this is a bad commercial.
  4. Okay and last one for today, they have been showing this one for about 9 months or so. It is a girl in an airport seeing a guy reading a “JUDO” magazine. This is a commercial a-la Mentos, but for Crest or something like that. So she goes to the bathroom to clean her teeth and it talks about how refreshing ti is and shows her in her clothes brushing here teeth while being drenched with water. I have never associated brushing my teeth with being soaked in my clothing. Of course the commercial ends with her sitting next to the guy with her new found copy of “JUDO.” This is one of the worst commercials I have ever seen,

I guess that’s it for now.

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