To the FCC:

Hey F@#$ YOU!

Why are people so afraid? I don’t get it? While I understand that with the idea of not “freely” offering up violence, nudity and profanity on television to what extent will we go to be such pussies?

Last night I watched the Simpsons, prior to the airing there was a parental advisory message. I was appalled that this was done. The episode was funny, and took jabs at both sides of the whole “homosexual” thing.

Personally, people have their panties bunched up so tight I’m surprised they can function as humans. There was no coarse language, there was no nudity and there was no “real” violence. Sure a roving reporter got beat by a mutated fish monster, but that was really the extent of the violence.

Now flash back to, what was it, 6 or 7 years ago when Ellen came out of the closet on her show and talked about being lesbian? What about Will & Grace, another highly rated sitcom dealing with homosexuality. Why is there no parental advisory before W&G or Ellen after coming out?

To the FCC for scaring the networks into doing something ridiculous like this with the Simpsons, F@#$ YOU!

I of course censor myself as I wouldn’t want to offend anyone, especially the people that might stumble upon this rant.

There are far worse things going on in the world than to worry about seeing some cartoon characters have same sex marriages. If people took the energy used to battle networks and the FCC over decency and applied it toward world hunger, peace, reforestation and cleaning up our environment we would live in one kick-ass place.

Of course we need a real leader, but that’s for another rant.

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