I am completely speechless with this one:

Court: Man can sue over surprise pregnancy

Basically, a dude got a lot of oral sex, the girl then…somehow…kept the sperm and, well, put it in the “expected” location. Getting herself pregnant with his sperm and without him knowing. Of course once it was found he was the father through DNA testing he was expected to pay child support. Now he is suing for distress and other stuff.

So, my limited thoughts on this are that SHE is in the wrong. I mean, yeah, so the guy left something with her, the reason he didn’t have “sex” with her was to avoid having a kid (assumption). I mean what she did was cruel, not just to him, but most of all to the child. Then to allow the courts to hit the guy up for child support when he didn’t even have sex with the girl is just bizarre to me. That would be like getting sperm from a sperm donor then come back and try to make him pay child support.

Anyway, read the story, put together your own ideas. No matter what, this is one crazy f’d up story.

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