Test. money. booze. work.

That was my weekend. I spent two hours Saturday morning taking an exam for one of my classes. Then Saturday evening was the small fund raising event so we could get the application money for the 501c3. Dan and Kristin did an awesome job and we were able to get all the money needed to submit the application!

With that of course came the eating of too much food and the drinking of too much booze. Boy did Sunday drag on.

Sunday was boring, spent doing homework, playing some video games and chilling out. I did watch a movie, Supersize Me, so stay tuned for my review.

2 thoughts on “Test. money. booze. work.”

  1. Jay,

    Is the 501c3 the application for tax exempt status?

    Does this mean when it is approved we can donate to Dan’s charity and deduct from Uncle Sam?

    When will you donate internet consulting services so they will have a website?

    BTW, http://www.jaygietl.com is in my favorites at work.


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