Supersize Me

Supersize MeI took the opportunity to watch Supersize Me Sunday night with my fiancee. We borrowed it from a friend. I had no real expectations from the film other than it being a documentary and because of that it is only going to show me what the documentaristist wants me to see.

This is definitely a great documentary and while Morgan, the guy making the film, went to the extremes to prove a point he did it in a way that really should wake you up to some of the problems in America.

He stopped working out and was only allowed to eat/drink things that are sold at McDonald’s. Through his experiment, which for some folks is daily life, he put on about 25lbs in a month, about destroyed his liver from all the fat and became addicted to the sugar and caffeine in the food/drinks he was constantly having.

So did he go to the extreme, probably, are there people in the US that are just like how he is in his experiment, hell yeah!

He did prove that while he was extreme, and Fast Food people tend to make their food seem like it should be okay to eat, it was found the real BAD stuff is the fries and the sodas. So if you occasionally have a burger, chicken, or salad from these Fast Food establishments you aren’t going to be as bad off as someone going the same number of times but getting the full meal.

His experiment went through the motions of looking at our life of junk food. That we are in fact fat lazy Americans. However, overweight and obese people are on the increase, but I have to say for ever person I know putting on weight there are 3 or 4 that are taking it off.

I think Doctors, businesses, even to an extent the fast food establishments are starting to realize a change in mentality with the American people. Don’t get me wrong, the fast food junkies are here to stay and I seriously doubt a healthy America will affect the businesses. I mean a person interviewed in the film from France said that the smallest McDonald’s meal in the US is larger than the largest option in France.

Showing once again our determination for excess is still strong.

In wrapping this half ass review I would highly recommend this film. While the actual documentary is based on ones man experiment with McDonald’s it should open your eyes to personal health and what we are doing to our bodies. Meaning, buy groceries, cut down on eating out and go for long walks, bike rides or even a jog. It’s your life, you can do what you want with it, but remember, it’s your only life. You don’t get to go back and try it again. This is your only shot at doing it right.

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