The Village

Well this review is a little overdue, as are some more hopefully coming down the pipe.

I watched the Village a few weeks ago, courtesy of Netflix, and I felt pretty good about it. I guess I should start off by saying that like many things Hollywood they find someone who is hot and make their movies until get bored.

This movie was interesting, through the course of the film my opinions of acting and realism fluctuated. At certain points of the film I felt disappointed only to have that feeling take a u-turn and become praise for being well done.

This is one of those films that is hard to talk about without giving away important details. The key is here the film takes place in little village secluded from other populations by a forest. Within this forest is something that cannot be spoken about and keeps the villagers at bay.

While they live in fear of these things, they have the same life struggles as anyone else. They learn to adapt, live and love to continue their peaceful place. That is until tragedy strikes the village. This is where the movie really kicks into gear and this is where I stop.

Now with the Village we have all been exposed to M. Night Shyamalan‘s quirks and unique stories that always have some unexpected twists. That is what we as viewers have come to really appreciate about his stories. The problem now is that we are “expecting” these twists and surprises, but we don’t know when. However we do suspect that about 70 minutes into a movie we should expect to find out the surprise. Even so this film is a great rental. I find it hard to spend the small fortune it requires to go out and see a movie in the theater because so many films are crap. This is worth watching.

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  1. Jay,

    I agree The Village sucked. However, this message is an attempt to get in touch with you. Adrian (Izzy) is coming to town this weekend (3/11 – 3/13). A ton of people are getting together on Saturday night and heading downtown. You have got to come. E-mail me for the details. I hope you can make it. It should be fun!!

    White clown forever!


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