Work Work Work

Been busy working. Worked until 2 or 3 am almost every night this week. Have lots more to do this weekend as well as finish my homework and work on am exam for one of my classes.

So my coupe is for sale, someone reading this should buy it. $2900 and it’s yours. I need a 4 door.

Anywho, had a minute so I thought I’d check in and say hey. hey.

3 thoughts on “Work Work Work”

  1. The coupe is going away !?!? Little Jetta we hardly knew ye.

    I hope all is well. Do I sense you moving towards the ranks of those who won’t own another VWAG product?

  2. Yeah, I need a 4 door. I am trying to stay “in the family.” Looking for an older Audi 90 quattro. I love the coupe, but my coupe days might be over.

  3. I actually recently defected.

    I successfully hacked and haggled with the dealer on an ’04 Accord back in December. 4-dr, 4-cyl, 5-speed, EX trim, Black with tan cloth interior.

    Once you get over its non-VW-ness, it’s a great car.

    Eden still has little green for short trips around town and such, but she has earned easier duty than the daily commuting grind.

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